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HydroSeeders® - Pioneered and Invented by FINN in 1953

FINN products are designed to help you get the most productivity for every dollar you spend.

With the widest variety of model sizes ranging from 300-4,000 gallon capacities, the innovative FINN pump design handles the thickest slurries and provides the most versatility giving you the ability to run the widest range of applied materials in the industry. This allows you to use the FINN machine efficiently for many applications. In addition, FINN offers numerous options to provide more powerful and operator-friendly HydroSeeders.

Erosion control is the most prevalent commercial reason for hydroseeding. FINN HydroSeeders are your go-to project solution. They are ideal for installing new turf, turf restoration, dust suppression, landfill alternative daily cover, remote watering, and fire suppression measures. With multiple model choices and extensive options you can get the right solution for your business from the company that invented hydroseeding.

But get ready, because we are about to do it again!

TITAN HydroSeeder® – Get Ready For Even Smarter Ways To Work

The new TITAN HT330/400 HydroSeeder is truly a game changer. It boasts a Tier 4 Final water cooled, turbo-diesel engine providing more horsepower. The new TITAN features patented innovations including a revolutionary integrated bale grinder, dust suppressing water curtain, and helical auto-reversing agitators.

The TITAN HT330/400 is FINN’s answer to high performance and flexibility. Providing more power, more performance and more productivity to conquer the toughest jobs, the TITAN not only performs with ease, it looks good doing it.

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T330 Hydroseeder- 3,000 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T330 Hydroseeder provides high capacity and proven design features at an economical price with power and performance to meet the needs of large-scale applications.

The T330 Hydroseeder is perfect for large hydroseeding projects for fire or mine reclamation, highway construction, oil, gas pipeline and large commercial or industrial sites.

T170 HydroSeeder® - 1,500 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T170 brings a robust 1,500 gallon working tank capacity to tackle a wide array of projects with this economical, highly productive machine. The T170 is a state-of-the-art HydroSeeder offering the best value for your investment. The efficiency of operation, high production capabilities and low maintenance requirements make the T170 perfect for all mid-size to large work sites.

The T170 HydroSeeder is perfect for the mid-size to large hydroseeding projects on large residential and commercial properties, industrial parks, highways, mine reclamation and more.
With the versatile T170 you can do professional quality hydroseeding, fiber mulching, fertilizing, straw tacking, foliar feeding, dust control, remote watering and a number of other efficient, cost effective and profitable applications. The T170 HydroSeeder readily doubles as a first response firefighter, portable wash-down rig or mini water carrier. It also has the power to mix and apply a wide variety of liquid, powdered and solid consumables for landscape, soil building, erosion control, cleaning, and industrial uses.

T120 HydroSeeder® – 1,000 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T120 is a real workhorse for mid-size hydroseeding projects that demand a 1,000 gallon working tank capacity. Ideal to seed, fertilize and mulch 1/3 acre per load in an easy one-step process. With the added flexibility of utilizing the tower gun and hose with a remote value simultaneously, work sites can be completed in record time.

The T120 HydroSeeder is perfect for the mid-size hydroseeding projects on large residential and commercial properties, apartment and condominium complexes, office complexes, industrial parks and more.

T90 HydroSeeder® – 800 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T90 offers the ultimate in performance features and operator conveniences that you’d expect from the industry leader in hydroseeding quality and innovation. With superior technology and extensive research, the T90 HydroSeeder is the ultimate 800 gallon working tank capacity for the mid-size hydroseeding projects.

The T90 HydroSeeder is perfect for the mid-size hydroseeding projects on residential and commercial properties, cemeteries, sports fields, office complexes, golf courses, parks and more.

T75 HydroSeeder® – 700 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T75 is the 700 gallon working capacity HydroSeeder that’s a great option for the landscaper or contractor who needs high powered performance and productivity. The T75 HydroSeeder is a powerful performer packaged between the small tank sizes and larger trailer-mounted models, weighing in as a trailer unit with a fully loaded weight of less than 10,000 GVW, satisfying the ideal towing requirements of a ¾ ton or a 1 ton truck without a commercial license.

The T75T HydroSeeder is perfect for the mid-size hydroseeding projects on residential and commercial properties, cemeteries, sports fields, office complexes, golf courses, parks and more.

T60 HydroSeeder® – 600 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T60 is the perfect 600 gallon HydroSeeder for the landscaper or contractor that requires a fast and economical solution for seeding jobs. With coverage up to 7200 square feet per load you don’t have to settle for less than proven and reliable FINN quality to tackle a wide range of demanding hydroseeding applications.

The T60 HydroSeeder is perfect for the small to mid-size hydroseeding projects on residential and commercial properties, sports fields, apartment and condominium complexes, golf courses, parks and more.

T30 HydroSeeder® – 335 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The T30 HydroSeeder has been modified and redesigned to provide the ideal entry-level machine loaded with features that come standard with every unit. You can easily manage professional quality seeding, fiber mulching, straw tacking, and much more – all with legendary FINN efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The FINN T30 HydroSeeder is ideal for entry-level and smaller hydroseeding projects. Versatile, economical FINN Hydroseeder loaded with big machine features. The T30 HydroSeeder is perfect for residential areas, golf courses, sports fields, parks or cemeteries.

The LF120 Landfill Solution™

Designed specifically for use in the extreme environments of landfills, the LF120, an exclusive FINN Landfill Solution™, is an efficient solution for applying alternative daily cover (ADC), as well as the application of materials to control odor, dust and erosion. Furthermore, the unit can be used as a mobile watering source to wash equipment, put out fires, and it can be used for other hydroseeding tasks such as re-vegetation and landscaping.